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In this speciality, preservation and restoration work is carried out on traditional and modern paintings produced on different mediums: canvas, wood, metal, walls, glass, among others.

Once the causes of the deterioration have been determined, the processes and techniques necessary are applied in order to preserve and restore the paintings.

3rd year

In the 3rd year workshop traditional and modern paintings are treated using different procedures for paintings done on wood, metal, glass, etc. backgrounds, as well as murals.

The workshop has the necessary infrastructure to allow the study and treatment of these works.

It is equipped with:

  • Digital heated palette knife
  • Water pens
  • UV lamps
  • Retouching lamps
  • Micro motor
  • Jigsaws
  • Carpentry tools
  • Tools for the painting of murals
  • Stereo binocular magnifier with built-in camera and video
  • Orbital polishers
  • Compressed air
  • Airbrush
  • Carpenter’s lathe
  • Clamp table
  • Hot-air palette knife (“Leister labor”)
  • Hardware (computer, digital camera, card reader, CD recorder)

4th year

The workshop for the 4th year course in Preservation and Restoration of Paintings is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of paint on canvas (using an easel).

During the year each student will carry out a practical assignment on an original painting where they will learn, apart from identifying the types of deterioration and the causes, to apply the most appropriate procedures in each case, as well as receiving continuous theory instruction.

The workshop is equipped with:

  • Heated low pressure table
  • Suction table
  • Binocular magnifier
  • Hot-air palette knife (“Leister labor”)
  • Heated palette knife
  • Micro abrasion tester
  • Micro soldering iron
  • Bain-marie equipment
  • Restoration lamps
  • Magnifiers with UV light
  • Hardware (computer, digital camera, card reader, CD recorder)
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