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Academic requirements

1. Have passed the BACCALAUREATE (or equivalent) in any field, or have passed the University entrance exams for those over 25.

2. Pass the relevant entrance exam.

Direct entry

Students who can demonstrate that they have an advanced qualification in Plastic Arts and Design, or one of the recognised equivalents (Graduate in Applied Arts), can gain direct entry to the Preservation and Restoration Degree course. To this effect, two places per group are reserved.

In the awarding of the places in this reserve quota, the decision will be based on the pass marks achieved, from highest to lowest, in the Degree course in Plastic Arts and Design undertaken or the Accreditation achieved in studies in Applied Arts and Crafts.

Those over 18 who do not meet the requirements

Those students over the age of 18 who do not meet the requirements (not having passed the Baccalaureate or equivalent), can gain entry to the Higher Arts Studies course by passing an exam set and organised by the education Authorities, which proves that the applicant is both knowledgeable enough to satisfy the requirements of the Baccalaureate and has the knowledge, skills and aptitudes necessary to successfully complete the courses in question. After successful completion the candidate must then pass the entrance exam for the advanced preservation and restoration courses.

(Education Act, LOE, of 3rd of May 2007, article 69.5)

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