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Preservation and restoration work (which comprises the examination, diagnosis and the actual restoration of cultural heritage) requires that those working professionally with historical artefacts not only carry out meticulous preparation, given the responsibility involved in dealing with irreplaceable objects of great value, but that they have also received thorough multidisciplinary training in the various fields involved in the treatment proposed.

Consequently, the aim of this training is to supply professionally qualified staff who are competitive and capable of carrying out well-considered and complex preservation –restoration procedures, making full use of all available documentation and information in order to carry out any preservation -restoration task with maximum efficiency.


In order to fully develop the abilities necessary to carry out preservation and conservation work, students must have fulfilled, by the end of their studies, the following objectives:

  • Know and assess the significance and function of artefacts in relation to their historical-artistic context.
  • Have knowledge of the materials from which these artefacts are made, as well as the most common factors which cause adverse reactions.
  • Master the skills and dexterity necessary for the precise implementation of the appropriate techniques and processes to competently preserve and restore cultural artefacts.
  • Acquire sufficient legal, technical, practical and administrative knowledge in relation to the appraisal, storing and promoting of cultural heritage.
  • Undergo comprehensive multidisciplinary training to develop the skills necessary to work, advantageously, in multidisciplinary teams.
  • To be capable of putting to use, properly and comprehensively, the knowledge, approaches and skills acquired during the learning process in relation to procedures carried out on cultural heritage.
  • Have knowledge of and be able to assess Catalonia’s historical heritage in order to address matters relating to the protection and preservation of this heritage.
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